• Catherine Clark

Interview with Impact Entrepreneur TV

Laurie Lane-Zucker interviewed Cathy Clark of CASE at Duke on April 5, 2020, about why she created

Within a week after was launched, Laurie asked Cathy to talk about what is and why it was created.

Making New Resources Easier to Find

“We started looking around to ask, what are the resources available to entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 crisis?" Often application information was buried and you couldn't tell how much money was actually being offered."

She continued to explain rationale for the simple site design, focused on listing resources by geography and amount of capital available.

"If I were an entrepreneur, I'd want to know really fast if this is a resource than can offer me $5,000 or $5 million. That's going to make a difference as to whether I spent my time there."

The video ends with a short walk-through of the original site.

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