• Catherine Clark

Announcing Over 600 New Financial Resources on

We're pleased to announce some significant news on this week:

✅ We've added over 600 new financial listings (thanks @CandidDotOrg).

✅ You can now list and search for non-financial help for entrepreneurs in this crisis. See . There are already over 125 items listed- searchable by geography and keyword. Add yours! ‬

We’re up to over 1200 cash resources worth over $1.1 trillion. But they are also changing. Many are closing the original applications and the newer offers coming in are more often tagged to problems created by the pandemic. Health system funding. Economic support. And innovation is kicking in. We see new covid-19 focused accelerators. Grants to support independent journalism. Funding for women and people of color. The terrain is rich.

We’ve also upgraded our geographic search. We have separated out the resources globally available to ALL entrepreneurs wherever they are, from those available by continent, to any entrepreneur in Africa, for example, to those available by country. We hope this will help everyone find what’s available to them, faster.

Please visit and tell us what you think at

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